Hi there Big Spring Aquatic Club families.  The year 2020 certainly has been anything but normal and ideal.   As the challenges before the world continue, we’re sad to share that the CPAL (the league our club swims with in the Winter season) has decided to not have an official season once again.  Our board and coaches have been working on coming up with alternatives for the kids to keep them active and ready for when the pandemic clears and they can get back to being competitive swimmers.   

The Big Spring School District has some policies and guidelines in place right now, many of which are driven by the State Department of Education and the Department of Health, which at the current time will not allow for our club to swim in our normal facility.  Our club coaching staff continues to request access on a regular basis, but at this point, we do not see that happening in the short term. 

Just like in the Summer, the club is excited to announce we have decided to partner with Keystone Aquatics and rent some pool space from them for our swimmers to have the opportunity to at least get in the water and maintain some level of swimming edge.  The process for utilizing these practices is described below, but is very similar to the method we used during the Summer workout sessions.


Prior to any activities with the club, we MUST have a current winter season registration for the swimmer(s).  

  • Click HERE for the one time (for this season) Registration with the club (Base registration is FREE for this season only)

After registering, to participate in the club workout sessions this winter:

    1. Click HERE to purchase “vouchers” to be used for swimming sessions.  Each Voucher is good for one swimmer for one session (so if you buy 4 vouchers and you have two swimmers, they will each get to attend two sessions).  We have now split out the session amount based upon age…  10 and under swimmers will need a $6.00 voucher for each session.  11 and over swimmers will need an $8.00 voucher for each session.
    2. Click HERE to go to the Calendar to Sign-up for the sessions in which you wish to participate.   Coaches WILL ensure you have pre-registered when you arrive and that you have sufficient vouchers purchased before you are permitted to swim.

A couple of important notes… 

  • Due to the demand Keystone Aquatics facilities are under (due to most other clubs also facing the same hurdles we are), the time slot BSAC is able to get is not ideal – especially for our younger swimmers.  We apologize but would like you to understand we had very little option.
  • The board and coaches have, as we did in the Summer, decided to limit these practices to those swimmers ages 8 to 18.  We are not assured enough space at the pool for the younger kids.  Note… we also ask that any swimmer coming to practice be able to swim 25 yards unassisted (minimum).
  • Swimming practice sessions are limited due to our club having limited lane space at Keystone as well as the current COVID limitations implemented at Keystone (no more than 3 swimmers per lane, etc).  
  • ALL COVID protocols put in place by our club and/or Keystone Aquatics must be adhered to by all participants and their families at all times.